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Inna Crisis

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"The time Is Now" New Album of Inna Crisis

Inna Crisis is a group of eight young musicians, which never stop progressing and walking its notes through Switzerland. The music they compose is a jazz and cuban rates/rhythms tinted reggae. Cross over the cultures: an English singer, and it is all the band which adopts the sound funk. A heterogeneity which confined with happiness a varied sounds of the keyboards, saxophones, djembés, congas and guitars.

Inna Crisis , it is all above, the meeting of several musicians coming from different musical horizons, but animated by the same passion of the music and the scene. After different concert in the regional clubs and the festivals, the group crosses a new stage, by ensuring the first part of the concert of Yannick Noah Massongex, in favour of association "Terre des Hommes".

At the end of 2004, the group ensures some large first parts, such as that of Pierpoljak or of the Californian group Groundation

At the beginning of 2005 marks a turning in the adventure Inna Crisis , since the group records its first album. 15 tracks recorded in the BBM studio Lausanne by Totor, and mixed by Antonello, bass player of Mad Lighters.

"The Time Is Now" carries us through 13 musical titles with lightness, characteristic very widespread in the reggae, without forgetting 3 DUB versions

Inna Crisis

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Inna Crisis
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