Summerfeeling by Warner Music - JABULANI

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Summerfeeling by Warner Music - JABULANI

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Summerfeeling by Warner Music - JABULANI

09. August 2010
The african word "Jabulani" means "be happy" or "joy".
And this is what the song is all about: joy without borders. "Jabulani" is a different Summer-Song. Not the "shouting fans" style, not a hymn. It is full of good mood, for the people of all nations. A summer song, full of percussions, with a fascinating, almost adjuring chorus. It is presented by the unusual singers JohannesBenjamin, casting show finalist, and the beautiful Olvido with her unique black timbre.

Titel: Jabulani - The Song
Komponist: Wolfgang Simm (GEMA Mitglied 876304)
Künstler: JohannesBenjamin & Olvido
Verlag: Musikverlag: Hanseatic Musikverlag GmbH & Co. KG (Tochter von Warner/Chappell) Website mit Infos:


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